Now Or Never

Female, danish, sarcastic, insanely awkward, inappropriate, a feminist, a sucker for Titanic, tattoos, good art, music and plain M&Ms.

So, basically it's now or never. Not just for me getting this damn Tumblr account, but for everything. It's time to live, love, laugh, come out and see the sun because you know what, tomorrow might never come.

I fell for her

She loves strawberry gum, worn-out hats and the way I say “stahp” when she pokes me. 
She has the softest hands and big, green eyes that stare straight into your soul.
Every time she laughs it’s like a breeze of fresh air

Every time she smiles I forget how to breathe

I fell for her ambitions, her positivity, her eyes, her heart, her lips. 

I fell for her.

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